Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Group 6: Question 7

Tyler W:

As this question states, there are many difficulties as well as advantages to communicating online. Our group started this project by communicating all over the place via e-mails, D2L, and the Blogger site. After a short time we found this to be quite difficult, and finally settled on communicating via D2L, which most groups seemed to do as well. The great thing about D2L is that we had our own discussion area specifically for group 6, and all members of group 6 could see what everyone had to say. Communicating through e-mail, on the other hand, became a scrambled process where not everyone got the information they needed. D2L just worked out really well and was really our key to successfully completing this internet project.

In terms of choosing our topic we really ran into no difficulties. I believe it was Dustin’s idea originally to do ‘Sexting’, which we all thought was current and newsworthy, and also nobody else had presented any other ideas yet so it just worked out nicely. ‘Sexting’ just seemed like a great idea because it is directly related to digital media and it is a recent phenomenon in today’s society.

Some internet writing conventions we had to use to communicate effectively on this assignment would include good e-mail etiquette when talking to group members. It also helped being familiar with D2L and understanding how to add and open attachments. Also, I had used the Blogger site once before for another class so I was slightly familiar with it, which made it easier to communicate.

One problem that we ran into a couple of times was figuring out who was doing what part of the assignment. Everyone has different schedules and things they have to do so it’s understandable, but it just made things confusing and frustrating at times. One thing I would definitely change is the way we went about communicating at first. We should have all agreed upon a medium that worked well for everyone and stuck with it to avoid problems and complications. Other than that it’s really just up to the individual to do their part in a timely manner.

Jessica D:

The beauty of the internet is that it is a mass medium. It connects people all over the world. Working in a group project online has had its ups and downs. It gave us a way to communicate from where ever we were at and at all different times. The topic of ‘sexting’ came from one group member, but we all agreed it was interesting, big in the news right now, and we could follow it all over the web. It was a good idea, and no one was opposed, so we all went with it. We were able to use our e-mail, the discussion board on D2L, and the blog website to communicate. It was difficult for us to find out answers to the questions we had for each other in a timely manner because we were all working on different schedules. If someone didn’t check and post on the discussion board or e-mail we didn’t know if they were working on the project or what part they would do. The discussion board and e-mail is what we mainly used to communicate. We found that the D2L discussion board was the most effective way for us to all communicate. If we were to do something different about the way we did the assignment we would have used one specific way to communicate, like just the discussion board instead of using all three.

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