Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Group 1. The Rhetorical Situation

The Chicago Olympic bid means a lot to many Americans, especially those from the Chicago area. The cultural contexts that this topic was produced were many. Some media producers (i.e. FoxNews), set the context of relief or happiness due to their political stance. President Barack Obama’s hometown is Chicago; therefore he put forth much effort and publicity toward the Chicago Olympic bid. These media producers standpoint would be that the rest of the world has made a negative judgment on Obama’s administration. Other media producers tended to point out that this was cloud with a silver lining. As President Obama stated on the subject matter, “One thing that is valuable about sports is that you can play a great game, and still not win.” These media producers standpoint would be that we did our best and should be happy of the job our fellow Americans did. Finally, many media producers tried to point a finger on who was to blame for the loss, whether the Mayor of Chicago or the President himself. The standpoint of these producers would be that there is something that we could have done better to win and someone is to blame for the lose of the Chicago Olympic bid.

An audience can always be swayed by what the media tells them. Even so, that information will always be shaped by who the audience is; their experiences and perspectives. The audience that these media were directed to was the residents of the United States. Many of the receivers of these messages perceived that they had been led on by Obama and the media in to thinking that Chicago was one of the front runners for the Olympics, when in actuality they did not make it past the first round. Other receivers were happy, because they believed Chicago was not good enough for one reason or another. Perhaps they were happy because they knew the experiences of the last two Summer Olympics in the United States. There was a bombing in Atlanta in ’96 and Los Angeles did not make much money off it in ’84.

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