Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Group 6, More Question 7

Some of the advantages are the convenience to work from a persons computer, which in most college students experience is portable. Having assignments be portable makes them easier to work on because of the freedom. Some difficulties are that because the assignment was online, people can work on it whenever they have time between work and 3, 4, or 5 other classes. And in my personal experience as I'm sure other students share it as well, everyone's schedules conflict so not everyone can be online working on the project at the same time. Also people communicate differently via e-mail or D2L and so not everyone is on the same page and communication becomes difficult. What worked well is that everyone was extremely helpful. As soon as an assignment was coming up everyone volunteered to do whatever needed to be done as well as an extra part that didn't get done. I felt that communicating in the group on D2L worked the best. There wasn't difficulty choosing a topic. One group member suggested an idea and everyone thought it was a good idea. We had to use e-mail and the class folder for our group as an internet writing convention. Due to the fact that I'm taking 18 credits and working 30 hours a week, I don't think that I could change the way I used the internet in this assignment. In fact it probably made the assignment easier to access and accomplish being all online.

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