Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Group 1 Q. 3 Analyzing Graphic Elements

Group 1. Question 3

Analyzing Graphic Elements

Photography is used very much so in the debate to why Chicago lost the 2016 bid for the Olympics. What the photos did was show before and after feelings and opinions. Newspapers and electronic news sites alike had images of supporters from all four cities in the running. They showed citizens cheering on their cities and portrayed images of pride and patriotism. But also, some negative effects could be found from those who were against a specific city getting the bid.

In the days leading up to the final vote between the four cities, I checked out the Chicago tribune, NY Times, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Tribune and MJS had more graphic coverage than NYT, this may be because the effect the games would have had on the cities and the importance of it. After Chicago was eliminated both the Tribune and MJS had large photos from page of that day’s paper, but the NYT’s had a smaller, less bold font on it.

Newscast from all over, as we have used for the first portion of this project, show support as well as disagreement. Other internet images were videos of the City of Chicago and all it had to offer. Things like leisure activities, local heroes, and the skyline the once was home to the tallest building on the planet.

It seems the internet coverage is much broader than the local media prints and magazines. Internet coverage allows for thorough debate within blogs and video messaging. It is far easier and accessible to respond by posting messages in response to videos, newscasts on websites, and blogging about issues at hand. This is why graphic images on the internet are far more prone to reaction than those in magazines and newspapers that require the reader to purchase them, therefore less convenient than the internet. Overall with all the images and media coverage, it’s directed at all walks of life. Although it concentrates on Chicago, it doesn’t discriminate against any race, lifestyle or ethnicity.

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