Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Group 1: Digital Media Convention Analysis (Q5)

Digital media is, as Silverblatt states, "a combination of existing media." The written word is just as important to digital media as it is to print media. The same kind of organization is necessary (most important to least important). However, some differences may exist. For example, because blogs seek attention from the reader, bullet points and eye catching graphics are used. Drawing the attention of the reader is important in digital media in the same way that it is in advertising and photography.

The biggest difference between other forms of media and digital is its dependence on the other elements of media to convey its message. This is usually done through the use of links. For example an online video may use a link from a newspaper article that gives more information on the message than the video conveys. The same process often works in reverse.

When the conventions of other media are used to broaden the scope of the message conveyed through digital media it has an advantage over most other forms of media. But, when it relies on the use of video without links such as written sources it falls short. As well, if a blog relies heavily on written word without the use of video or sources that lend greater credibility it makes it one dimensional by not using the resources that make digital media revolutionary.

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