Thursday, October 22, 2009

Group 6: more question 7...

Tyler F:

As this was my first online class, working as a group over the internet was a new experience for me. Communicating between group members was a scramble in the beginning. Right off the bat Dustin proposed the topic of sexting, which it is an original and debatable topic in our society. Nobody had any objections towards sexting. After the topic was decided we tried finding a central mode to communicate. We were communicating with each other through the blog, email, and the discussion board and eventually led to the discussion board as our main source of contacting each other. As a group, we had a very individualistic approach. One thing we needed to improve on was communication and getting everybody to work together. Because of everybody’s schedules it was hard to communicate who was doing what. Overall this was a great experience learning about sexting, internet research, and computer mediated communication.

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